A Field Research Team from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University Taking a Field Trip in Mount Ling


On June 3, 2023, a field research team from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University came to Mount Ling for a field trip. Wang Peng, the director of Beijing Broaden & Top-trans Communication Center (BTC), and BTC teacher Yang, as the hosts of Mount Ling, warmly received the field research team of Tsinghua University, providing logistical support for teachers and students and telling hometown stories.

灵山,位于京西门头沟的西北部,距京城122公里,顶峰海拔2 303米,是北京的第一高峰,这里景色秀丽,动植物与平原地区也有很大差异。夏季气候怡人,山间云雾缭绕,山区夏季较城区相对低3-4度,特别适宜夏季在此避暑。

Mount Ling, located in the northwest of Mentougou Beijing, 122 kilometers from Beijing downtown, with an elevation of 2 303 meters, which is the highest peak of Beijing. The scenery is beautiful, animals and plants are very different from the plain area. The climate is pleasant in summer, the mountains are shrouded in clouds, and the temperature is 3-4 degrees lower than the urban area. It’s a wonderful summer resort.


The field research team was led by Professor Li Shuhua from Tsinghua University. Professor Li used to be a professor of potting science in Kyoto University. He returned to China in 2009, determined to contribute to the potting art education of the motherland. Professor Li is currently a representative member of China and Japan of the International Park and Green Space Alliance Expert Committee, a member of the Environmental Art Committee of China Construction Culture and Art Association, a director of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, an editorial member of "Chinese Garden", a visiting professor of Tokyo Agricultural University, and a visiting professor of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. Professor Li often came to Hongshui Estuary Mount Ling in the 1990s. In this field trip, he visited the old haunt, with seeing the idyllic scenery of Hongshui Estuary and the unique garden-style buildings that merged with the mountains and lake, he was deeply moved by the huge landscape change.


On the evening of June 3, the teachers and students of the field research team arrived at Hongshui Village, Mentougou District, Beijing, and had dinner in the rural homestay of Hongshui Kou Village. The ingredients for the dinner were all local specialties, very fresh and authentic. During the dinner, Director Wang and Professor Li talked about the future cooperation prospects. Director Wang humorously told the students about the history of Hongshui Kou Village, introduced Erdi mountains, Lingshan mountains, and many stories and legends of the hometown.


After dinner, Director Wang and teacher Yang arranged accommodation for the students. Some students lived in Qingwa Ju resort, and some others lived in Rural Farm resort. Near mountains and by the lake, the resort area is comfortable and pleasant, quiet and pleasant. After dinner, many students strolled in the night, enjoying the moon and the night view of Hongshui Kou Village, which is known as "the most beautiful village in China".


The next morning, Rural Farm resort prepared a nutritious breakfast for the teachers and students, the ingredients are organic from the local villagers. After breakfast, Director Wang and teacher Yang led the students to Mount Ling to do the field research. Tsinghua professors explained the mountain geology, climate and plants in Mount Ling, which was a valuable learning opportunity for the students.